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more to it, and Joe was just talking himself into his state of mind - Lisee and I are just sitting here sweltering - This is the hottest place I ever saw - The others haven't come yet - Bill is coming soon, of course - He says he wants to talk to me - he wants to tell me how much in love he is - I told him I was ready anytime he wants to prove it - Right now I think a long, cool bath tonight would feel better than anything - and I want to write some more to you - I surely need you now to scrub my back! It hasn't had a good scrub since you gave it one before you left - And tonight I need you to wash off the sunburn and sand and dirt - My hair is so full of salt water I can hardly comb it - What fun the beach is! A week of it is enough for me - I'll take the mountains any day - After supper - I feel mighty good now, though - It's funny what a difference a sheet of paper with "Woman" scribbled on it can make - Does me so much good! does me good just to be your Woman - loving you and having you love me is making a much better woman out of me -