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Stephen Litho. & Eng. co., St. Louis.

[imprinted letterhead] The largest manufacturer of shoes in the south. CRADDOCK-TERRY COMPANY Manufacturers of “Long Wear Shoes

Reg. U.S. Pat. Off. [image of red bell ] Trade Mark Long Wear Shoes Craddock-Terry Co. “Long Wear Shoes” Wear Longer

[at upper right ] John W. Craddock, Prest. A. P. Craddock, Vice-Prest. Edward F. Sheffey, Secy.-Treas.

Directors: Chas. G. Craddock Edward F. Sheffey Paul C. Edmunds George Mahon T. M. Terry A. P. Craddock

Advisory Board: W. W. Brown J. B. Stroud Walter C. Carrington Geo. Haugh Albert L. Noell J. M. Dunwody Wm. C. Goode

Lynchburg, Va., Jany. 7, 1914

Mrs. Beverly B. Munford, Richmond, Va. My dear Mrs. Munford: - I surmise that you will not be altogether pleased with the action of the Board of Visitors at its recent meeting on the question of the Woman’s College. However, to my mind, the cause has won a most decided victory, and if properly handled it is probably more of a victory than if the resolution had been more to your liking, but the result of a divided Board and a continuance of the bitter and aggressive fight that the opponents of the measure have been waging. Now, I have been told that you and some of your associates were averse to locating this institution east of Charlottesville. The primary object of this letter is to urge you not to antagonize this position. The Board was unanimous in its views on this point, and the leading supporters of the measure in the Faculty, and, as I understand,, including Dr. Alderman, favored this location. The situation east of Charlottesville, I am told, is most admirably adapted, with a beautiful view of valley and mountains. With the street car line connecting the University with the eastern section of the city, it makes it really more convenient to the Professors, and for other purposes, then it would be if it was located in the section west of the University, renoved a half mile or more. I have never feared some of the results that the most radical opponents of this move have claimed to see in the intermingling of the sexes of the two student bodies as far as passing to and from two schools to the town, etc; nevertheless, I can see where there might be some diversions and some objections to such a situation, all of which will be removed by putting the Woman’s College on the opposite side, which, in my opinion, will furnish advantages to the Woman’s College which it would not possess if located in an isolated section so far removed from the city and its facilities.

[imprinted in red] We Manufacture More Shoes Than The Entire South Outside Lynchburg.