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4 Craddo

of the adverse alumni there is being actively pushed. You know as well as I do what it would mean to the University twenty years from now if the college is founded at some other point, and you also know what it would mean in expense to the State of Virginia to have the type of college founded which would of necessity grow up at Farmville by reason of the fact that you could look for no help either from endowment or students outside the state. If you will read the report of Dr. Henry S. Pritchett of the Carnegie Foundation, as of the year 1912, you will see the fallacy of hoping that a first class college can be made with a normal school as a basis. It is important that you exercise your influence with Mr. Easley, who, I am satisfied you can reach. I know also that you can help us some with Mr. Featherston.

The College Committee is very much in need of funds. The publication of the Bulletin containing expert letters was a matter.of much expense and we have not in hand enough money to pay the entire cost of finishing mailing this bulletin. A copy of the bulletin has been sent to every Alumnus of the University in Virginia, in Washington, and the Secretary of the Alumni associations throughout the United States. We had 5000 copies printed and need at least 1000 more. I have been able