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largely think of the University and its work in the state from the point of view of the aristocratic tradition which prevailed in days past and still lingers at the University as well as in the thinking of many Virginians.

The friends of the proposed affiliated college believe that such an institution would not only serve the state through the education of her women but would be of distinct benefit to the University itself in furthering both the democratic and moral tone of the student body.

We believe that could some reasonable endowment be tentatively assured that the beginning of this college would be provided for the next General Assembly.

I wish very much that Mrs. Sage might be sufficiently drawn to this opportunity to allow me the privilege of talking to her in person about the matter. It is difficult to put into writing the need and opportunity for what is as yet an educational ideal, but as a Virginia woman, interested for many years in the educational and social life of the state and seeing the leadership which our women are taking in the working forces in these lines, I am deeply impressed with what it would mean to Virginia and our young womanhood were the best traditions and scholarship of the University made thus available to our girls.

I feel very appreciative of the cordial interview you gave me in regard to this matter and thank you sincerely for your sympathetic interest. With regards, I remain ,