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503 East Grace Street, Richmond, Va., June 8, 1917. Mrs. W. L. Devany, Dendron, Va. My dear Mrs. Devany: Yours of June 4th is to hand. You are a wonderful chairman and I know we are going to have great success with the College as a result of your efforts. Your idea to have this matter presented on July 4th is a fine one, and just what I would desire. However, it so happens that I have been asked by the Woman's Committee of the Council of Nation Defense, as well as our Virginia Council of Defense, to form a Woman's Committee here in the state to unify the work of the women during the war. The first call to the heads of the state-wide organizations who must participate in this first meeting will be held on June 19th in this city. Because the organization is not well under way and because some opponents of the College might think that it was my purpose in some way to use this Committee to advance our College Cause, I think it would be unwise just at the commencement of our work for me to appear at so prominent a gathering purely for the purpose of advocating the College. I am saying this in confidence to you in order that you might understand the situation. I have however arranged for Miss J. Douglas Wright and the vice-chairman of our Central Committee, Miss Virginia McKenney to go, both of them, on July 4th to Claremont, and since Miss McKenney knows the College situation almost as thoroughly as I do, as well as Miss Wright's fitness to discuss the subject, I am sure you will not be disappointed at my inability to come just at this time. I should feel differently as to my personal movements if our war work was thoroughly under way, but so serious do I consider the war situation, that I think it important to get all our women unified and ready for work next winter before taking any action myself, which might cloud their minds as to the issues and purpose of the Woman's Committee under the Council of Defense in which they are asked to share. I shall be absent from the city for several days and shall therefore ask you to talk direct with Miss McKenney, whose address is 137 South Sycamore Street, Petersburg,