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Comments on the 'Walker-West' Bill To change the Farmville Normal School to the Farmville State Normal College. This bill the approval of our Board of Trustees; - Why? It will supply the demand for high school teachers. The high school work is given to meet the demands of those who prepare for a cultural, vocational and

industrial calling.

Ninety-five per cent. of our girls never get beyond the high school. We must have mastery of method as well as matter, from the kindergarten through the high school,hence the necessity of the completion of our Normal System. The necessity for degreeing our Normal woman is this: No credit is given our graduate for the work she does. She is handicapped in getting the degree she needs because of university expensiveness. The Normal woman is teaching material. Teaching is the service to which the State has pledged her. She should get through the State's Normal System of school and and all preparation she needs for her work as a teacher. Nine-tenths of our professional women are teachers and always will be. It is cruelly unjust to our Normal woman who has spent her time and money in specializing for the ser- vices to the State, which she is bravely performing , to say to her, "You are not worth as much to us as if you had a degree," and then to put the State's degree benefit to Virginia women out of her reach, or in any other atmosphere under the sun than the atmosphere of service belonging wholly and solely to the Normal schools and to no other institutions in America. Why Farmville at present rather than any other school of the State? Farmville can give the work now for less expenditure than any of the other schools. Farmville already has a two-year college course. Little time will be lost to the teacher or the State in fulfillment of the needs already made evident. When any of the other schools of the Normal System are old enough and ready for college work, by all colleges means let Virginia give it to them, and so use every dollar she can spare in giving to her public school system, county and town, sufficient teachers and sufficient class rooms as well as this need efficiency. We have no right to use the people's money for education speculative purposes We are not educating to fill the coffers of any town or county with gold. We are educating for self-support and industrial opportunity. MRS> A.P. MNONTAGUE