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Lynchburg The News: Sunday Morning, June 13, 1915 Mrs. Early sent this--sent to every member

The Reserve Banks Big Gain in Resources During Past Week. Increase of $13,000,000 and of 3.2 Per Cent Shown by Weekly Statement. Condition of Clearing House Banks for the Week. Washington, June 12. - A gain of $13,000,000 in resources and of 3.2 per cent for the Federal reserve system is shown by the weekly statement of condition issued today by the Federal Reserve Board. The statement shows: Resources June 11, 1915: Gold coins and certificates, $246,231,-000. Legal tender notes, silver certificates and subsidiary coin, $44,632,000. Total, $290,863,000. Bills discounted and loans: Maturities within thirty days, $14,721,600 Maturities within sixty days, $10,818,000 Other, $10,468,000 Total $36,007,000 Investments, $17,183,000 Due from Federal Reserve Banks: Items in transit, $14,878,000 All other resources, $12,350,000

the bigheartedness and open hands of this alumnae when such work can be reported.

The Constitution and By-laws as revised by a committee of the active members, were discussed and finally adopted as amended. The dues of this association are fifty cents a year, one dollar at the reunion. For years this money went to furnish a banquet which the alumnae gave.