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My feeling has always been & still is that such a place would be a blunder on the part of the State. I do not believe it to be either wise economically or educationally. The college is too far away to work satisfactorily in either way. This is my distinct present conviction. Therefore if this matter came up I would have to oppose it, because my first interest & allegiance are pledged to the University not just as it touches women's education, but as touching its growth & future integration as a State institution. On the other hand, I am interested in women's education everywhere & peculiarly so just now in the midst of a changing & for them often a bewildering world these days. I think Va is fortunate in having Miss McVea in charge of Sweet Briar & I would like to help her, so far as I may, carry out her plans for Sweet Briar in making it a first grade college - And yet my present feeling & sympathy would always center around some provision for women at our State Univ for to that cause I have given the best that was in me during the past 9 years. Now if fully understanding all this, you still want me, I will accept & do my best for at present the college at the Univ is still not a reality -