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[Branch?] [illegible] alumni State Assn Teachers Bill 2 yrs ago - Summer Schools - nurses

Turn to the capitol

M. Neil (Mr l mks testimny)

John-Byrd Pamphlet (Principle)

[Craddock?] Branch 1 Opposed 4 For park 1 ars for 3 ars 6x 1 says now {list to come [illegible] good woman here [hopessel totled?] resolution

womens need Ref. of Cum- Democracy - Branch [Sq?] servant I a student History "Co-ordinate" Anglo Saxon There is a destiny Act of Faith $1,000,000 $--- Yield part of theirs $25,000 from the [section?] [Divisin?] $6,000,000 in Industry

{[illegible] - [stecy?] 4 yrs Riff-Raff Principle - Defeat now Postpone S.C. Sec 4 study of [con?] church Atlanta Coeducation world wide movement delay bill