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Dr. E.A. Alderman-#2.

This is a democratic age, and inevitably and rightly, State Universities must sooner or later, educate the women of the State as they educate the men. My Bryce has discussed this very interestingly in his chapter on America Universities, in "The American Commonwealth." The situation resolves itself therefore, to my mind, into a question of whether we shall have in Virginia "Co-education", or "Co-ordination."

"Under which King, Benzonian?"

Frankly, I am for the Co-ordinate College, because I think that the women of Virginia are entitled to the same opportunity of education at the hands of the State as the men of Virginia; and because I think further that co-education is per se, pernicious and dangerous, and is ultimately avoidable at the University only by co-ordinate education. I am for the Co-ordinate College, because I am opposed to the Co-educational University