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Dr. E.A. Alderman-#3. [stricken: And so] In the matter of this Co-ordinate College Bill, I would appeal to the members of the Richmond Chapter of the Alumni,- a number of whom are my personal friends, themselves devoted, as they know I am devoted, to the splendid story of our Alma Mater- that they take counsel of their deliberate second thought.

If I may venture in a few words to be personal. I would say that I would have loved the University through a life, now far beyond the crest of the hill, that has been in no small measure dedicated to its welfare, and that is bound to it by "a threefold cord that is not lightly broken"- the cord of friendship, love, and death. There is not a stone of its noble edifices that is not dear and sacred in my regard. There is not a story of its glory and its greatness in which I do not rejoice. It could have no agony in which I could not share. I believe, with these beliefs, that no movement of more vital significance has ever come to the old institution that this movement towards a Co-ordinate College for Women; and that no more fatal error could be made by its lovers and friends that to fail to take hold of and properly guide this movement, instead of allowing it to fall under the control of that "fierce democracy", which clamors today - possibly to regret it tomorrow - for the initiation, the referendum, the recall, woman-suffrage, and the general redemption of the morals of mankind by legislation.