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Dr. Edwin A.Alderman-#4.

And at this point, I would put you and myself right in this matter. The Co-ordinate Woman's College movement has not originated either with him or me. The women of the State have inaugurated it; and you and I have but expressed our approval. It is no answer to this movement - aliunde. and outside of our instigation - that it may not be backed by the Visitors of the University. It may or it may not be. I hope the Visitors are for it. But whether they may be or not, the University of Virginia belongs to the people of Virginia, and not to you and me and the members of the Board; and what the people of Virginia want, and are entitled to, it is in the business of the Visitors and the Rector, and the President and the Legislature fo Virginia to give them if possible, in abundance and overflowing.

Sincerely yours, Armistend C. Gordon