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1 -10- The principles upon which an equitable distribution of the proceeds of the proposed mill tax should be made will involve many and large considerations. I am not here concerned with the discussion of all phases of this intricate problem. I have endeavored to find out the cost of instruction in each institution upon a basis primarily common to all four. The figures submitted are obtained by dividing the total of salaries paid to the instructing force by the number of students instructed. In the case of the University of Virginia, counting half of the salary of the president and librarian, and dividing by 465, the total number of students in graduate school, college and engineering school (including some duplicates) the cost per student is slightly above $190. In view of the fact that the advanced college, engineering and graduate instruction covers a wide range of subjects and requires men of the highest ability and training, this figure seems to be low, in comparison with other institutions of the same rank, though it must be said that figures of this kind are at best only approximately accurate and satisfactory. The basis upon which the figures for other institutions are made up by others may differ very widely from that used here.