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UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS URBANA ILL. COLLEGE OF LITERATURE AND ARTS OFFICE OF THE DEAN July 10, 1913. Mrs. Mary C. B. Munford, Hawthorn Inn, East Gloucester, Mass. My dear Mrs. Munford: I have no objection to your using any part of my letter to you in the way you suggest. Nothing occurs to me that I would care to add to the statement. I wonder if you have asked Miss Laura Drake Gill, formerly Dean of Radcliffe College, for a letter bearing upon your discussion of co-ordinate colleges for women. I have had several talks with Miss Gill in the last year and was impressed with the general vigor and sanity of her thinking on the subject of higher education for women in the South. If I were you should try also to get letters from President Judson, of the University of Chicago, Dean Marion Talbot, of the same institution, and President George E. Vincent, of the University of Minnesota, who was formerly connected with the University of Chicago. As you know the University of Chicago, while it is a co-educational institution, has experimented somewhat along the line of segregation of courses and organizations for its women students. Possibly these persons would have some valuable suggestions to make regarding the plan for a co-ordinate institution at Virginia. With very cordial regards, I am Sincerely yours, Kendric C. Babcock