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of slender resources with a reputation still to make. Florida's college and Mississippi's college cannot draw students in any quantity from outside the state. Should not the woman's college, as a mere matter of business, be so placed as to be able to attract students from outside the state in order to supplement its income? [written underneath] graduate [uncle?] [illegible]. Here there was a dilemma no standard college without almost unlimited resources, and Virginia's treasury far from overflowing. But Virginia must have a standard state college for women, and what is the way out? Any business owner would suggest the answer - why Virginia has a great state university which represents a large investment over a long period of years an investment in money and wisdom. Why not utilize that. Jefferson made it the head of the public school system of the state, a system for girls as well as boys in this 20th century; why not capitalize this great asset in founding a woman's college? Why not make the woman's college a part of the University, a new department just like the School of Engineering