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At all events, I am sure that when you talk to your editor friend you will find that she has a very hazy idea of the ways and mean of running a college. If she came from [Bryn Mawr?], as I do, she would know what an everlasting struggle it is to keep up the standard and make both ends meet. There in spite of initial endowment, of $750000 in 1912, we are being urged to bend every effort toward getting more in our to keep our professors. Show her too how hard it has been for Sweet Briar. It has been ten years and it is not yet recognized as standard by the Southern Association of College Women. If she knew the whole story, she would not make vague statements about separate colleges. My brother was a student at the University of Virginia up to last year and my father was a devoted alumnus. Before I went to college I was taught largely by young alumni. I no more than the editore would wish to harm it in any way. But far from harming it I feel sure that Dr. Alderman ia right when he says that the womans college would be entrusted to the University because it is necessary to its larger life and influence in the life of Virginians. The future of Virginia lies in the hands of her women as well as her men and the University of Virginia should have the privilege of shaping the lives of both. If there are any specific questions that you care to ask about the above or any other points in connection with the college I shall endeavor to be prompt in trying to answer them. Sincerely yours,(9)