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2. It has occurred to me that President Alderman if interested as he has been heretofore, may be of great aid, especially as a fund of about $250,000. is subject to his disposition; and it would seem to me that in no other way could it be so well used as in erecting the necessary buildings for a co-ordinate college. From my knowledge of the surroundings I think it would be a mistake to put the woman's college on the other side of the town of Charlottesville: it should be located on the same side of the town as the men's college, and in that way it would be much more convenient to handle from the standpoint of using the same teachers, laboratories, and such other buildings as the women would need, and there is no reason why the dormatories for the women cannot be placed on the same side of Charlottesville as those for boys: in fact at this time, the male and female students are occupying the same quarters as are occupied by the men or boys in the winter. It seems to me, that if possible when a bill is gotten through, it should be a kind that would bring about the best results in the future; and the social atmosphere on the other side of Charlottesville is not calculated to build up a women's college in the same way that it might be accomplished if located on the same side of the town as that of the present buildings. It is one thing, you know, to construct buildings and quite another to get the students to occupy the buildings; for example:- in the