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503 E. Grace St.. February 22,1918

Honorable C. C. Carlin, M. C.. Washington, D. C.

My dear Mr. Carlin:

Knowing your interest in our College bill in former years, I am sending you a copy of our measure of this year, of which Senator Early and others are patrons, and ask that you will do your utmost to help us in every way you can in the Legislature. I am especially anxious to have you take the matter up with Senator Bowers and also with Mr. Smoot of Alexandria and Mr. H. B. Smith, of Culpeper. I had only a few words with Mr. Smoot about the matter as he was bound for an engagement when I met him.. He is thinking seriously about the matter, and a word from you would be most helpful to us. Mr. Smith talks about converting the Normal Schools, which you know is bad policy educationally and economically. I enclose also a copy of a letter signed by thirty-six prominent alumni with reference to this bill.

With kindest regards, I am

Sincerely yours, "[blank]" Chairman Central. Committee