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[written on top] Return to me Virginia Federation of Women's Clubs Organized May 1907 President Miss Helen Norris Cummings, 606 Cameron Street, Alexandria, Va. First Vice-President, Mrs. John L. Hagan, 254 Jefferson Street, Danville, Va. Second Vice-President, Miss Leta Serpell, Norfolk, Va. Third Vice-President, Mrs. Walter Ruan, Bedford, Va. General Federation Secretary, Mrs. Manley M. Caldwell, Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. George T. Klipstein, 607 Prince Street, Alexandria, Va. Recording Secretary, Mrs. F. C. Davis, Lexington, Va. Treasurer, Mrs. Mark Reid, Radford, Va. Auditor, Mrs. Frank Thomas Israel, Fairfax, Va. General Federation Magazine Correspondent, Mrs. Richard B. Spindle, Christiansburg, Va. Parliamentarian, Mrs. Eleanor S. W. Howard