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Some suggested reasons why women should have coordinate educational advantages at the University of Virginia. "That for upwards of twenty-five years women students have had equal, or almost equal advantages as men students at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the plan has worked with exceptional success, therefore the plan should be adopted by the University of Virginia. That in the U.S. the plan of a coordinate institute for women is successfully demonstrated by Radcliffe College in connection with Harvard ; Barnard College is connection with Tulane University ; The Woman's College in connection with Northwestern University ; The Woman's College in connection with Brown University. Mr. Mathew Vassar in his will founding the Vassar Female College said " It seemed to me that woman, having received from the Creator the same intellectual constitution as man, has the same right to intellectual culture and development. " Senator Stanford in his bequest said, " We have provided in the articles of endowment that the education of the sexes should be equal - deeming it of equal importance that those who are to be the mothers of a future generation should be fitted to mold direct the infant mind at the most critical period. " In Stanford in 1907-8 the number of students suspended for delinquent scholarship was 32, the record year in that respect. The record of failures between the men and women was 18.3% for the men, and 3.5% for the women. The general rule is that there are fewer failures among women students than among men.