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Joyce Raiford Letter to Fletcher Raiford, 23 July 1939

Raiford Hospital Franklin, Virgini R.L. Raiford, M.D. Philip Jacobson, M.D. T. Addison Morgan, M.D. Morgan B. Raiford, M.D. James P. Broaddus, D.D.S.

                                                                                              10:30 Sunday morning

Dear Boozie -- Dorie and I have just finished making peach ice cream for dinner -- We haven't even dressed yet -- Morgan is at the hospital. so we're just keeping each other company -- I slept with here last night -- I was tired as everything so I went up and tried on some dresses for fall that Doris had for me, and then we undressed and got in bed - I like the dresses so much -- They're nice ones, reduced -- she got 3 for me, different types and just what I'll need -- and she had some for Beulah, too -- While we were there talking, Pop called from Catawba and Eunice talked too --

    I thought all might about meeting you in Washington -- I doubt if you get my specials before tomorrow, but that will be soon enough -- I hope you could understand -- enough to make your plans and wire me -- There won't be time for me to answer you know --
    We can do whatever you want to do about coming back -- If you want to meet me in time to catch