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Raiford Hospital Franklin, Virginia

R.L. Raiford, M.D. Philip Jacobson, M.D. T. Addison Morgan, M.D. Morgan B. Raiford, M.D. James P. Broaddus, D.D. S.

the boat that very night and came right on home, will do that -- Or we can stay at the hotel that night, and play around the next day, then take the boat that night -- I'll be ready to leave either Tuesday afternoon, or Wednesday afternoon, depending on what day you can leave -- I'll get there next morning, register for us both at the Hamilton Hotel (Wash.) so I can use the room that day, then you can find me right there when you get in -- So it will all work out fine --

Dorie + I are going to the hosp -- now to get your letter -- Joe told Dorie there is one down there with my name on it written all over its envelope!

Cain't wait to see you, Pal! Better wear a big red rose in your lapel so I'll know you -- I'm going to leave my s-w-b at home, I hope! We'll have such a good time --

I love you so much Woman

Dorie is putting me back to work -- Lord knows I need it!