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To the Honorable the General Assembly of Virginia The petition of Richard Nicken a free man of colour living in the County of Lancaster respectfully represents: that during the Revolutionary War he enlisted for three years in the service of the said State, that he was placed on board the Galley Hero commanded by Captain Barrett where he served eighteen months at which period he was removed by due authority from the said Galley, and out on board the ship Tempest of sixteen Guns: under the command of Captain Cealey Sawnders where he also served eighteen months at the end of which time he was honorably discharged at Chickahominy ship yard by Lieutenant Steell who had then command and where the said respect was afterward laid up; that while so in his Country's service he conducted himself orderly and faithfully; that his discharge would if in his power to produce it bear testimony to that fact, but that it is either lost or mislaid, that be your Petitioner is at this time old and infirm being in his sixty ninth year; that sometime he has been borne down with the accumulated ills of Poverty and infirmity, wherefore he prays of this Honorable Asembly, that some provision may be made for him in his distressed old age by placing him on the pension list and