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The Co-Ordiante College And The Present Educational Needs Of State of Virginia.

By Dr. James Cannon, Jr., President Blackstone College for Girls.

Summary Of Argument.

Great Needs of Common Schools. Higher Education. Best Use for Available Funds. High School Teachers Needed. Co-ordinate College Proposed.

Objections to the Co-Ordinate College Plan: First-Cost of Attendance too great. Second-Co-ordination has the worst features of co-education. Third-Co-ordinate Colleges not successful. Fourth-Will not furnish high school teachers. Fifth-Involves radical change of policy. Two reasons for An Independent College Elsewhere. Post Graduate Work.

(It has been stated a number of times by different persons that it is not proper for the undersigned to discuss this question, because he is superintendent of the Anti-Saloon League of Virginia, and the influence and work of the Anti-Saloon League will become involved in this question. The Anti-Saloon League of Virginia has nothing to do with this question. Leaders of the league hold and have expressed directly opposing views, and if what the writer may say has any value or weight it will be only because of the facts and arguments presented-James Cannon, Jr.)

In view of the present discussion before the General Assembly concerning a State college for women, it is important consider the present educational situation in the State. There has been a most encouraging and indeed a most extraordinary growth in the educational life of Virginia during the past decade. This has not all been accomplished in one year, or in five, but has been the result of hard work every year of the ten. Much has been done. What still remains to be done? The following figures are interesting and worthy of careful study:

Great Needs Of Common Schools.

The present school population of Virginia is 657,000; average enrollment, 480,000; average length of school term, 5 3-4 months; number of primary and grammar school teachers, 11,000: average salary paid, $229,00; lowest rate of local taxation, 25c per $100; highest rate allowed, 50c per $100; average rate, 48c per $100; total amount raised by local taxation, $4,400,000; State appropriations, $2,200,000; total school funds