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National Lime Manufacturers' Association. Officers : William E. Carson, President. Riverton, VA. J. King McLanahan, Jr., 1st Vice - Pres. Hollidaysburg, PA. L. M. Palmer, Jr., 2nd Vice-Pres. New York, N. Y. Geo. J. Nicholson, 3rd Vice-Pres. Manistique, Mich. Fred. K. Irvine, Secretary. Chicago, ILL. C. W. S. Cobb Treasurer. St. Louis, Mo. Executive Committee : William E. Carson, Ex-Officio. Riverton, Va. Charles Warner. Wilmington, Del. Lawrence Hitchcock. Cleveland, O. William Hunkins. St. Louis, Mo. Riverton, Mar. 4, 1914. Annual Meeting, Hotel Astor, Times Square, New York. Date, February 4 and 5, 1914. Dear Madam:- I want to bring to your attention a matter I know as a teacher and educator, you are interested in. An effort is being made to establish a Woman's College in connection with the University of Virginia, and a bill is now before the Legislature to that effect. There can be no good reason why the State should not give a higher education to her daughters as well as her sons, to whom she now only gives a Normal School training, or why she should not giver her daughter the value of a University of Virginia degree.