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National Lime Manufacturers' Association. Officers : William E. Carson, President. Riverton, VA. J. King McLanahan, Jr., 1st Vice - Pres. Hollidaysburg, PA. L. M. Palmer, Jr., 2nd Vice-Pres. New York, N. Y. Geo. J. Nicholson, 3rd Vice-Pres. Manistique, Mich. Fred. K. Irvine, Secretary. Chicago, ILL. C. W. S. Cobb Treasurer. St. Louis, Mo. Executive Committee : William E. Carson, Ex-Officio. Riverton, Va. Charles Warner. Wilmington, Del. Lawrence Hitchcock. Cleveland, O. William Hunkins. St. Louis, Mo. Riverton, Mar. 4, 1914. Annual Meeting, Hotel Astor, Times Square, New York. Date, February 4 and 5, 1914. Dear Madam:- I want to bring to your attention a matter I know as a teacher and educator, you are interested in. An effort is being made to establish a Woman's College in connection with the University of Virginia, and a bill is now before the Legislature to that effect. There can be no good reason why the State should not give a higher education to her daughters as well as her sons, to whom she now only gives a Normal School training, or why she should not giver her daughter the value of a University of Virginia degree. My thought in writing you is to get you to get up a petition to Mr. A. G. Weaver, representative from this district, asking him to vote for the bill. If you are willing to help in the good work, you must act at once, as the bill is now on its passage. Get as many names as you can on the enclosed petition, and mail right many names as you can on the enclosed petition, and mails right away, to Mr. Weaver, in the enclosed stamped envelope. Get men, women and children to sign it, especially your school children, as they will be benefited by it, and mail within a day of recieving this. Petitions are being sent to every school teacher in Clark and Warren Counties so that Mr Weaver can have full knowledge of the wish of his constituents, especially those interested in educational work. Yours truly, WEC./McC. WEC Carson