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National Lime Manufacturers' Association.

Officers WM. E. Carson, President. Riverton, Va. Martin Deeley, 1st. Vice-Pres. Lee, Mass. J. F. Pollock, 2nd Vice-Pres. Kansas City, Mo. Bernard L. McNulty, 3rd Vice-Pres. Anniston, Ala. Fred. K. Irvine, Secretary. Chicago, ILL. C. W. S. Cobb, Treasurer. St. Louis, Mo.

Executive Committee. William E. Carson, Ex-Officio. Riverton, Va. Charles Warner. Wilmington, Del. Lawrence Hitchcock. Cleveland, O. H. S. Gray. Louisville, Ky. Riverton, VA.,

Mar. 11, 1914

Mrs. Munford, Richmond, VA.

Dear Madam:-

On my return from the west, I found your telegram, before going west, I wired Mr. Weaver, and Mr. Warthen also wired him, and I set the machinery going that he should have at least fifty petitions, taking it for granted one out of every two school teachers would write him, and get petition filled out. I sincerely hope you will be successful. Yours truly, Wm E Carson