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Lebanon Church, Va. March 18/'16.

Mrs. M. C. B. Munford, Richmond, Va. Dear Mrs. Munford:- Your letter of March 14/16 is at hand?], I am truly sorry the Co-ordinate College Bill was [lost?] in the House. Yet, in a sense, it was a victory for our Great Cause. I am still in the field to work for this bill. I shall continue to do all I can. I wrote a number of letters to members of the House and to Senators. A member to whom I wrote voted for this Bill. Call on me whenever you need me for such work. No preventing providence, I shall again work for the Bill in 1918. I wrote on the question for our paper here. If the article will be of use to you, I will gladly send you a copy. Very truly yours, W. R. Chapman, [illegible]