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Lee County Virginia November 5th 1816. Dear Sir after my best respects to you the contents of this paper will acquaint you in that I wish You to present my case to the house by stating to them that I have a family of Negroes in my possession which I have a mortgage on by a certain Tidance Lane of Clabourne County in the State of Tennessee and the number amounts to secure as I before informed you, I having prevailed upon you by Mr Benjamin Cloud and Benjamin Bosey to take a mortgage {illegible} now gone and I never expect to see him again, my wish is to be permitted to remove the Negroes out of the state of Tennessee into Virginia as I have not the least desire to sell or dispose of them in any manner. I hope you will consider so far as to do what is within your power for me. I am with due respect your devoted to serve, Moses Ball.

John Fulkeison, Esq.

This day Came Moses Ball personally before me William Mayers a justice of the peace for the County of Lee and made oath to the above statement Certified by me William Sayers this fifth day of November 1816.