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XI. What's the noise! It's the boys! What Boys? Dough Boys! Miss Fitzgerald, 1112 Capitol St.

XII. Tune: Maryland, My Maryland! Hark! Listen to the fife and drum, Virginia, Virginia! The people cry, They come! They come! Virginia, Virginia! They march in solid ranks of steel, With glitt'ring helmets, swords unsheathed, Our glorious sons, our Country's shield, Virginia, Virginia!

They broke the tyrant's cruel reign, Virginia, Virginia! They did not shed their blood in vain, Virginia, Virginia! For never nobler deed was done, They saved the world and freedom won, Their escutcheon blazes in the sun, Virginia, Virginia!

Come, let us open wide the door, Virginia, Virginia! The wounded, we but love the more, Virginia, Virginia! And though our hands can never clasp, The ones who've fallen at their task, We'll meet some day in Heaven at last, Virginia, Virginia! (Winner of First Prize) Nellie P. Henson, 405 Allen Ave.

XIII. Tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic Our Boys Are Coming Home Our eyes have seen the glory of the going of our own to fight the cause of justice and humanity alone; How gaily then they sallied forth, How bright their banners shone! Now they are coming Home!

Chorus: Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Our boys are coming home!

They went to help the stricken ones in Europe's lands oppressed: They offered up their sweet young lives as bravely as the best; They lifted high our stainless shield, and God has richly blest- Our troops now coming home!


In this fight for right and freedom for these lands across the sea, Our boys have had the vision great, unknown to you and me; Let us keep this vision for them high and glorious as can be- Now they are safe at home!

Chorus: Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Glory! Glory! Hallelujah! Our boys are safe at home!

(Winner of Third Prize) Mabel W. Glinn, 1 N. Allen Ave.

XIV. Tune: The Long, Long Trail Welcome Home When you marched away so gayly, Such a valiant band, Seeing nothing but the glory Of a cause so grand: Our fond hearts were sad and lonely, Filled with bitter pain, And though proud of you, we'd give the world Just to have you home again!

Chorus: See the Stars and Stripes a-waiving From every Richmond home to-day, For the boys we love are with us, And our hearts are gay; Here's a long, long line of loved ones To make all your dreams come true. Boys! Your old home town is ringing With a welcome home to you!

(Winner of Second Prize) Mrs. Jos. LeMasurier, 312 W. Franklin St.

XV. Tune: Keep the Home Fires Burning Start the Joy Bells Ringing Hark! the round of martial music, And the deafening blare of drum, A city's soul is thrilling To the shout, They come! They come! Let your voice add to the volume; Let the ardor of your glance Flash Dixie's royal greetings To our heroes home from France.

Chorus: Start the joy bells ringing, Freedom's message bringing, Our brave boys from overseas, You're welcome home. Knighthoods crown your wearing, Victors' palms you're bearing; Fling Old Glory to the breeze, For our boys are home! Mrs. Jos. LeMasurier, 3127 W. Franklin St.