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XVI. Tune: Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag Home from the battle front, we welcome you Who went to fight, Triumphant victors of a noble cause; The cause of truth and right. Valiantly you've fought for us In that far-distant land; Now we extend to you with grateful hearts A welcome hand! Mr. J. P. Tubbs, 700 Fourth Ave., H. P.

XVII. Tune: Honey boy SOLDIER BOY We are glad that you are here, Soldier boy! And our greetings are sincere, Soldier boy! Though far away you've roamed, With joy you're welcomed home; Proud to claim you as our own, Soldier boy!

With a dash and courage rare, Soldier boy! On land, on sea, in air, Soldier boy! You did "carry on," 'tis true, Till you thrilled us through and through; And we're right down proud of you, Soldier boy!

Victors each and every one, Soldier boy! Putting "Heinie" on the run, Soldier boy! Blow the bugle loud and clear, Beat the drum and hear us cheer As your great brave ranks draw near, Soldier boy! Miss Elizabeth LeMasurier, 3127 W. Franklin St.

XVIII. Tune: Keep Your Head Down, Fritzie Boy HOLD YOUR HEAD UP, SAMMY BOY Hold your head up, Sammy Boy! Hold your head up, Sammy Boy! To-night by the dim firelight I'll kiss you, I'll kiss you; You will tell of foreign lands, While we lovingly hold hands. If you feel as proud of me as I do of you, Hold your head up, Sammy Boy! Stella C. Rudd, 1117 Floyd Ave.

XIX. Tune: Rally Round the Flag Oh! there's nothing like the boys Who from Richmond went away! Gladly to fight for freedom; Who went over by the thousands And grandly saved the day, Fighting for right and for freedom! Chorus: Richmond forever! Hurrah! boys, hurrah! They helped down the Kaiser, And made an end to war. Now they're marching in the home town, With flags and arches gay, Honored because they fought for freedom! Zelle Minor, The Shenandoah.

XX. Tune: Old Black Joe THEY CANNED HIM How fares the Kaiser, who once sat on a throne? He's eating Switzer cheese and licking a bone. How came it thus? Well, I'll explain, my friend: The Richmond boys helped bring his kingdom to an end. Chorus: They canned him, they canned him; Now the Kaiser has no throne. Oh, Richmond boys! you are Some canners, we must own! Miss L. Clyde Harris, 612 Second Ave., H. P.

XXI. Tune: Where Do We Go From Here? Our Richmond boys will all be home, It won't be very long; Our Richmond girls will greet them With a hearty welcome song! Our boys have fought so hard to win, Our boys have stood the test- O girls! say, girls! the Richmond boys are best! Nettie Hobson, 600 Edgewood Ave.

XXII. Tune: Where Do We Go From Here? Welcome home, Virginians, Welcome one and all- You showed your might; upheld the Right and caused the Kaiser's fall; The brood Of Lee gained victory; They saw the fighting through- Rah! rah! Richmond boys, Our hats are off to you! E. A. Kitson, 207 E. Cary St.