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XXIII. Tune: Long, Long Trail There's a long, long line amarching Of boys in khaki! Who are they? Can't you hear the bugles sounding On this glorious day? After long, long months of fighting, Our soldier lads, tried and true, With their smiles so bright and cheerful March back home to love, and you! H. C. Armstrong, 810 Barton Ave., B. H.

XXIV. Tune: Auld Lang Syne Shall deeds of bravery be forget In grateful hearts like ours? By heaven and earth, sure they shall not! While the days are made of hours: Old "Eigh-ti-eth" has played the game, And played it doggone well; While "Twentynine" did just the same- This fact I am here to tell.

Proud old Virginia still is here, With Richmond yet her head; Both welcome you with smile and cheer, Now that warlike Bill has fled. We're glad you're back, you bet we are, Each mothers son of you; Lord bring them safely back so far, Our prayers have now come true. James Daniel, The Jefferson.

XXV. Tune: Smiles Here come the boys all dressed in khaki; Here they come from oversea; They're the boys that won this glorious victory For the safety of democracy; They showed that they had all the spirit, And they fought the Huns thru thick and thin. Here's a cheer for the boys that fell in Flanders And hurrah for the boys over here! Anna K. Bloom, 702 W. Broad St.

XXVI. Tune: Tramp, Tramp Tramp, tramp, tramp, our boys are marching Back from their victory over the sea. We are proud of every son Who went across to lick the Hun, And who fought for the flag and liberty. J J. Neenan, 2113 Jefferson Ave.

XXVII. Tune: How I Hate to Get Up in the Morning Oh! we're so happy to see our heroes Back home again from over the sea, F or they helped to give the pill That made Kaiser Bill so ill He couldn't get up, he couldn't get up next morning. As up the street our boys are marching, Back in the noble land of the free, Let us start the bells a-ringing While their praises we are singing, And cheer for sweet old liberty. John J. Neenan, 2113 Jefferson Ave.

XXVIII. Tune: Old Gray Horse Come Out of the Wilderness Now old Richmond welcomes her infantry, Welcomes her cavalry and her artillery, And now, "by gosh!" we'll all have a jubilee, All for the Southern boys! All for the Southern boys! All for the Southern boys! A nd now, "by gosh!" we'll all have a jubilee, All for our Southern boys! H. C. Armstrong, 812 Barton Ave., B. H.

XXIX. Tune: Oh! Where, Oh! Where, Has My Little Dog Gone? Oh! where, oh! where, is the Kaiser now? Oh! where, oh! where, can he be? Our boys are now keeping the watch on the Rhine, and there's no Kaiser in Germany! Stella S. Rudd, 1117 Floyd Ave.