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8 Sep 44-- Battery left motor park at 1830, mounted trains and departed from cantoment area at 1900.

9 Sep Btry still enroute to change of station

10 Sep Continued train trip.

11 Sep Btry C 327 FA Bn, departed from Camp Claiborne, La 8 Sep 44 at 1915 by rail for permanent change of station per WD 370.5 (31 Jul 44) OB-S-Em Hq War Dept Washington D.C., dated 1 Aug 44. Arrived Camp Kilmer N.J. 11 Sep 44 at 0750. Lt James A Lange transferred 569 FA Bn Camp Van Dorn, Miss.

15 Sep Ernest Berry , Casmir Gabalas , John L Dix, Cecil S Beaird, John A Niedermeyer, James C Hoover, John R Shirey, Jessie L Boyte Aptd Pfc. Arthur J Frazer trfd to Btry A 327th FA. Sidney E Hackney trfd from Btry A.

16 Sep Joseph F Wirbicki AWOL.

18 Sep Wirbicki fr AWOL to dy 0100. Towner Boutwell as cook Lt Richard A Staib & Lt Frank Remsing as loading Officers as advance party detail. Wirbicki Reduced to Pvt.

19 Sep Btry departed from Camp Kilmer, N J at 1400 by rail enroute to NYPE. Boarded ship at NYPE at 1600.

20 Sep SS Sterling Castle rammed a South American tanker. Ship dropped anchor remained at sea night (thru)

21 Sep Ship returned to port. Debarked from Ship at 1745. Arrived at Camp Kilmer by rail at 2055.

23 Sep Casmir F Gabalas dy to AWOL

24 Sep Gabalas Fr AWOL to dy. Rd to grade of PVT.

28 Sep Departed fr Camp Kilmer by rail at 2000 enroute for NYPE. Boarded ship at 2330.

9 Oct Everett H Nelson Promoted Cpl.

10 Oct Arrived at Liverpool England.

11 Oct Debarked from ship at 1200. Traveled by train and arrived at Camp Lopscombe England at 2345.

14 Oct 37 EM from Dy to DS with 6918 Qm Truck Co (Prov) Hochreiter, Jarrett, Pappas, Boutwell, Chumley, Funk, Hall, Lohse, Slevinski, Long, Murray, Thomason, Wilkinson, Alvarado J M, Beaird, Berry, Boyte, Farina, Hoover, Johnson J R, Madsen, Reynolds, Shirey, Bond, Boswell, Chaney, Coleman, Gau, Landry, Lloyd, Mariscal, Mc Caslin, Odom, Robish, Sanders, Sawyer, Wilson.

15 Oct Lt Rudolph H Boettigheimer Asgd not yet jd (DS 6918 QM Truck Co (Prov) Prim Dy Rcn Off. Lt Richard A Staih trfd to [illegible] [illegible]