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20 Oct Sgt James Linehan reduced to grade of Pvt. Cpl Frank Thomasofsky aptd Sgt.

26 Oct Btry alerted of departure from England.

30 Oct Departed from Camp Lopcombe, England at 0439 by motor enroute to point of debarkation. Boarded ships at point of debarkation at 1430.

2 Nov Sidney Hackney trfd to U.S.A. Hosp. 1 Off and 37 EMfr DS 6918 (Prov) to dy. Forest de Cerisy, France. First continguent of btry debarked fr

                 Ship at 0300 proceeded by motor to present location arriving at 0830.  Second continguent of btry debarkded fr Ship at 1400 proceeed by full 
                 track  vehicles to present location arriving at 1700.  Nearest town Le Molay.

3 Nov Berry, Coleman, Gabalas, Martin, Mc Caslin, Mc Quiston, Odom, Robish, fr dy to AWOL.

5 Nov Sewell Long Reduct to Pvt. Cpl Allen & Cpl Hanson Apd Sgt. Bauman aptd Tec 5.

6 Nov Btry left bivouac area at 1100 and arrived new area near Dreaux France at 2145. Distance traveled 151 miles.

7 Nov Left Bivouac at 1015 arrived new bivouac area at 19145 near Laon France. Distance traveled 135 miles.

9 Nov Btry left bivouac area at 0945.

10 Nov Arrived new area at 235 at Ransdaal, Holland. Distance traveled 194 miles. Weather: Cold and wet.

11 Nov Bond aptd Cpl.

12 Nov Departed from Ransdaal Holland by motor and full-truck vehicles at 1030. Arrived new position at 1230. Palenberg Germany. Battery went into tactical position. Distance traveled 22 miles. Weather: Rainy and Cold.

13 Nov Doleman reduced to gr of Pvt.

16 Nov Shirley aptd Cpl. Fired first round at 1245. Weather: Fair.

18 Nov Fulkerson to temp dy 84 Div Arty.

20 Nov Murray J P Fay self inflicted wound (Accidental) to Hosp. Btry departed from Palenberge (Ubach) by motor and full-track vehicles at 12:30.

                Arrived new position 1345.  Geilenkirchen Distance traveled 3 miles.  Weather: Rainy.

22 Nov Berry reduced to Pvt.