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24 Nov Carl E Froctor Dy to sick 84th Div Clearing Station. Albert Ianonne Joined from 1B Replacement Depot.

25 Nov Landry, Sanders, Polich aptd Pfc.

26 Nov Carl E Proctor trfd from organization eff 24 Nov. Roger K Chrisman assumes temporary command eff 24 Nov

27 Nov Murphy aptd Cp. Alvaredo 1 N aptd Tec 5.

28 Nov Lt Boettigheimer promoted 1st Lt dste of rank 16 Nov.

30 Nov Fulkerson from temp dy 84th Div Arty to dy. Roger k Chrisman Prim dy Btry Commander eff 24 Nov. Frank Rensing Prim Dy Exectutive Officer

                  24 Nov. Elzie E.Davis trfd to 155 Evac Hosp. Raymond G Farine slightly wounded in action. George W Hewett seriously wounded in action. 
                  William Miguel seriously wounded in action. Tommy L Dodgen Sr seriously wounded in action. (correction on Hewett slightly wounded)

1 Dec George R. Boswell, Benjamin F Chaney seriously wounded in action.

2 Dec Chaney died from wounds received in action. Tommy L Dodgen died from wounds received in action.

5 Dec Judson L Saunders reduced to Gr of Pvt.

6 Dec Julio E Guerero to hosp sprained knee

9 Dec Visconti, Wojack, Seelye trfd from Service Btry to Btry C 327.

15 Dec Housman, Lindquist, Wenge, Campbell joined battery.

16 Dec Btry assisted in breaking upb attack on Lieffarth; also fired harassing fire, damage unknown.

19 Dec Everett H Nelson, Robert J M Caslin, Andrew W Wenge killed in action.

20 Dec Henry W Smith from dy to hosp as a result of near shell burst. Btry departed from position at 1100 arrived new position at Schloss Breil at

          1135.  Distance traveled 1 1/2 miles.

21 Dec Henry W Smith trfd 41st Evac Hosp eff date 20 Dec. Btry left position at 1300. Arrive new position at 2200 near Marche Belgium. Distance

              traveled 93 miles.  Weather: Rainy, foggy & Cold.  Battalion bivouaced by roadside, placed one gun into position for ant-tank defense.

22 Dec Cpl Bond injured by half-truck. Btry left bivouac position at 1000. Arrive new position at 1020. Near Bailloville, Belgium.

23 Dec Bond trfd to 77th Clearing Station eff 22 Dec. Weather: Clear and Cold.

26 Dec Villimes aptd Cpl. Madsen aptd Tec 5. Linehan, Garza, Koea, Mc Quiston, Wilson, Gau, Long, Powell, Nordling aptd Pfc.