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29 Dec Btry expended 144 rounds.

30 Dec Dunnagan, Everidge, Hanks, Florence, Schuesler joined Battery.

31 Dec Battery expended 84 rounds.

1 Jan Battery fired 35 rounds.

2 Jan Bond trfd to 130th Field Hosp, 22 Dec Battery fired harassing and interdiction fire. 65 rounds expended.

3 Jan Btry left Baillonville at 0830 Arrived new position at Wenin at 1200. Distance traveled 13 miles

4 Jan Smith rejoined battery. Btry left from Wenin at 1330. Arrived new position at Chateau D Blier at 1700. Distance 5 Km. Weather: Unsettled.

                   Roads slippery and very dangerous. 

5 Jan Btry fired harassing and interdiction fire,

6 Jan 56 rounds expended. Harassing and interdiction.

7 Jan 165 rounds expended, harassing and interdiction and preparation fire. James Burchfield award the Purple Heart for wound recieved in

                  action on the 5th of January.

8 Jan 207 rounds expended. Preparation, harassing and interdiction.

9 Jan 231 rounds expended. Preparation, harassing and interdiction.

10 Jan Btry departed from Blier at 1500. Arrive new position at Devantave at 1800. Distance traveled 2 1/2 miles. Weather: Cold. Roads slippery

                  and dangerous.

11 Jan 181 round expended. Preparation, harassing and interdiction.

12 Jan Btry celebrated its second month in combat with a total of 4262 rounds fired, and nine enemy inflicted casualties t date. During the dates

                  between 12 Nov to 21 Dec 44, the Btry participated in the taking of Geilenkirchen, Prumerm, Beeck, Wurm, and Lindern  Germany.  Dirung 
                  the time of the German counter-attack, the battery helped in the holding of the march-Hutton line, and is assisting in the northern pincer, to 
                  cut off the German salient in Belgium.  Lt Frank Remsing, this battery, was awarded the Bronze Star Ribbon.

13 Jan 255 rounds expended. Btry fired on enemy armored columns and Infantry.

14 Jan 200 rounds expended. Btry fired on retreating enemy armored columns and Infantry elements dug in.

15 Jan Battery placed in reserve.

17 Jan 2nd Lt. Henry Lasris joined battery.

20 Jan Btry departed from Devantave at 1200. Arrived new position at Petit-Langlir at 1500. Distance Traveled 15 miles. Weather: