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22 Jan Btry departed from Pet-Langlir at 1430. Arrived new position (Bovigny) at 1600. Distance traveled 5 miles. Cold, Roads slippery and very dangerous.

23 Jan Btry fired preparation and harassing fire. Also fired on enemy counter attacking 63 rounds expended.

24 Jan 36 rounds expended, preparation and interdiction fire.

25 Jan Btry fired on enemy tanks, 42 rounds expended.

26 Jan 54 rounds expended on enemy infantry and tanks.

27 Jan Btry left Bovigny at 1140. Arrived new position (Awan) at 1500. Roads icy and hazardous. Weather: Clear and Cold. Distance traveled 33 miles 28 Jan Btry enjoying a rest period.

2 Feb Btry departed from Awan Belgium at 1840. Arrived new bivouac position at 2400. Distance traveled 50 miles. (Scherpenseel, Germany.

5 Feb Btry departed position at 1830. Arrived new position (Lindern) at 2015. Distance 15 miles. Weather: Warm & Rainy. Roger K Chrisman promoted to Capt. Frank Remsing promoted to 1st Lt. Jarrett, Hochreiter and Turner reduced to Pvt. James L Fulkerson trfd to 333 Infantry.

7 Feb Btry fired registration on check points. Total of 34 rounds expended. Cpls Shirey & Funk awarded Bronze Star Ribbons.

8 Feb Farina rejoined Btry. 1st enemy shells landed in general vicinity. Scores of American bombers returning from their bombing mission over the German front lines, dropped a bomb nearby.

9 Feb Received personnal message on eve of battle from 21st Army Group Commander.

10 Feb Fired two check point registrations.

11 Feb One enemy artillery shell landed near btry poistion. Several enemy planes appeared in the vicinity and were warded off by anti-aircraft fire.

12 Feb Btry has instituted an intensive training program consising of gun drill and orientation. Enemy arty shells landed in Btry area. Several enemy planes flew over btry position. 13 Feb Several enemy shells landed in gun position, set one M5 Tractor afire. The fire was brought under control by heroic action of the 1st and 2nd gun sections, Lt Lasris, asst Exec Officer and Lt Remsing, Exec Officer. Fired check point registration with a total of 19 rounds

                  expended and 6 rounds of harassing fire.