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"Charlie Battery Diary (con't) 14 Feb Buzz Bomb passed over btry area and landed in near vicinity. Allen aptd S Sgt. Dix, Johnson ES, Guthrie aptd Sgt. Lego Wojak aptd Cpl. Wirbicki aptd Tec 5. 15 Feb Seelye Sick to Hosp. Many robot bombs passing over gun position. Observation at O!P! limited by fog. Very little enemy activity noted. 16 Feb 2nd Lt Frank E Turpin joined btry Btry fired 8 rounds W.P. on 5 enemy tanks, results unknown. Considerable air activity by friendly planes. 17 Feb Fired 7 rounds harassing fire. Btry was visited by Air Corps personnel. 18 Feb Enemy Shells landed in btry position, no damage resulting. Div Arty Commander paid visit to gun position. 19 Feb 33 rounds expended on harassing missions. 20 Feb Several enemy shells landed nearby btry position. 21 Feb Norris & Meisel to Hosp with powder burns. Berry, Di Maio, Gabalas, Coleman, Saunders aptd PFC. Btry fired registration and harassing fire, 17 rounds expended. Corps camouflage Officer inspected btry camouflage. 22 Feb 28 rounds expended on counter-btry and harassing fire. Enemy reconnaissance planes flew over btry area during the night. 23 Feb Fired opening round of preparation for the Roer River crossing at 0245 this morning. Btry fired preparation and interdiction fire, 400 rounds expended. Scores of American bombers flew over the area. Weather: Cloudy. Bandman, Foster, Gould, joined btry. Guerero returned to btry. 24 Feb Btry fired on enemy tanks, harassing and interdiction fire 353 rounds expended. Air observers observed counter-btry fire--very effective. Weather: Cloudy. Ramirez joined btry eff 22 Feb. 25 Feb Btry fired preparation, counter-battery and haras ing fire, also fired on enemy infantry counter-attacking. Enemy planes flew over Btry gun position on a bombing run to bomb bridges over Roer River. Weather: Cloudy. 26 Feb Martin to temp dy 84th Div Arty. Btry departed from Lindern at 0630. Arrived at Baal at 0740. Distance 5 miles. 95 rounds expended, preparation and interdiction fire. Weather: Cloudy. 27 Feb Btry departed from Baal at 1730. Arrived new position (Beeck) at 1940. Distance 9 miles. Weather: Cloudy. 28 Feb Btry departed Beeck at 1520, arrived new position (Leloh) at 1620. Distance 7 miles. Weather: Cloudy.