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1 Mar Martin from Temp Duty Div Arty to Duty. Btry departed Leloh at 1845. Arrived new position (Dulken) 013973 at 2130. Distance 8 miles. At Leloh battery fired registration, preparation and harassing fire, also fired at enemy tanks. 142 rounds expended. Btry guarded enemy civilians and liberated Russians, Poles Lithuanians, and Hollanders. Weather: Unsettled.

2 Mar Dix & Johnson, E S aptd S Sgt. Btry fired preparation and interdiction fire 77 rounds expended. Btry departed from Dulken at 1230, arrived new position (Viersen 077961) at 1300. Distance traveled 4 miles. Weather: Snow.

3 Mar 12 rounds expended on preparation fire. Btry departed from Suchletn (Viersen) at 1045 arrived (Inrath 165067) at 1120. Distance 9 miles. Weather : Cold.

4 Mar 81 rounds expended preparation fire. Btry left Inrath at 0830 , arrived (Kapellan 207144) at 0930. Distance 9 miles. Btry fired its first round across the Rhine River. Weather: Rainy.

5 Mar Odom frdy to temp dy Div Arty. Btry expended 311 rounds preparation, harassing, counter-preparation, counter-battery, and registration fire. Several enemy shells landed in gun position, no casulaties resulted. Btry left Kapellan at 2000, arrived new positon (Meerback 243185) at 2100. Distance 4 1/2 miles. Weather: Fair.

6 Mar Btry occupied position along, the banks of the Rhined River (248190) fired harassing fire, 40 rounds expended. Weather: cloudy and cold.

7 Mar Hornbrook joined btry. Btry done some strategic firing, setting industrial plants on fire in Duisburg, Germany: fire very effective also some harassing missions were fired. Btry Rcn OFF established an O.P. with the special mission of observing enemy artillery on the East bank of the Rhine River. Weather: Clear and Cold.

8 Mar Btry continued it strategic firing on industrial plants across the Rhine River. Fired harassing and registration fire, with a total of 43 rounds being expended. Cpl Kapell presented Certificate of Merit at Krefeld, Germany. Weather: Rainy.

9 Mar Guerero to Hosp. Btry fir ed on two enemy vessels on the Rhine River. One ship sunk, one left in a sinking condition. Btry fired on train, but train got away. Weather: Clear and Cold.

10 Mar Bond rejoined btry. Btry left at 1730 arrived new position (Asherg 253154) at 1800. Distance 2 miles. Weather: Cloudy and Cold.

11 Mar Guerero fr Hosp to dy. Weather: Cloudy and Cold.

12 Mar Btry expended 16 rounds harassing fire. Received visit from Red Cross Clubmobile. Weather: Cloudy.