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1 Mar Martin from Temp Duty Div Arty. to Luty. Btry departed Lelok at 1845. Arrived new position (Dulken) 013973 at 2130. Distance 8 miles. At

               Leloh battery fired registration, preparation and harassing fire, also fired at enemy tanks.  142 rounds expended.  Btry guarded enemy civilians 
               and liberated Russians, Poles Lithuanians, and Hollanders.  Weather:  Unsettled.

2 Mar Dix & Johnson, E S aptd S Sgt Btry fired preparation and interdiction fire 77 rounds expended. Btry departed from Dulkea at 12 30, arrived new

               position (Viersen 077961)  at 1300.  Distance traveled 4 miles.  Weather:  Snow.

3 Mar 12 rounds expended on preparation fire. Btry departed from Suchletn (Viersen) at 1045 arrived (Inrath 165067) at 1120. Distance 9 miles.

               Weather : Cold.

4 Mar 81 rounds expended preparation fire. Btry left Inrath at 0830 , arrived (Kapellan 207144) at 0930. Distance 9 miles. Btry fired its first round

              across the Rhine River.  Weather: Rainy.

5 Mar Odom frdy to temp dy Liv Arty. Btry expended 311 rounds preparation, harassing, counter-preparation, counter-battery, and registration fire.

              Several enemy shells landed in gun position, no casulaties resulted.  Btry left Dapellan at 2000, arrived new positon (Meerback 243185) at 
              2100. Distance 4 1/2 miles.  Weather: Fair.

6 Mar Btry occupied position alone, the banks of the Rhined River (248190) fired harassing fire, 40 rounds expended. Weather: cloudy and cold.