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13 Mar Btry fired 4 rounds on enemy tanks and 52 rounds harassing fire. Weather: Partly Cloudy. 14 Mar Considerable Air activity in the afternoon and early evening. Btry fired on enemy tanks, 4 rounds expended. Weather: Cloudy. 15 Mar 20 rounds expended, harassing fire. Weather: Fair and Warmer. 16 Mar Half of btry attended an Orientation film "Germany" NCO's attended a lecture by the commanding General of the Division. Btry fired 68 rounds harassing fire. 17 Mar 34 rounds expended. Weather: Mild. 18 Mar Btry calibrated howitzers. 79 rounds expended harassing fire and fired on barge on the Rhine River. Weather: Clear. 19 Mar Btry made 8 mile road march. 92 rounds expended. Weather: Clear. 20 Mar Weather: Clear 21 Mar Hewett joined btry. Btry fired on a train (11 rounds) also fired on ammunition dump setting it on fire (14 rounds) Weather: Clear. 22 Mar Btry fired on a barge. 14 rounds expended. Weather: Clear and warmer. 23 Mar Btry fired 3 rounds counter-battery and 24 rounds hrassing fire. Weather: Clear and warmer. 24 Mar Btry fired preparation and interdiction fire. 368 rounds expended. British & American bombers bombed East banks of the Rhine continuously day and night. Weather: Hazy and warm. 25 Mar Btry fired on a factory 12 rounds expended. Harassing fire 52 rounds expended. Weather: Clear and Warmer. 26 Mar Btry fired 148 rounds harassing fire. Weather: Clear. 27 Mar 8 rounds harassing fire, 12 rounds on enemy dug-out. Weather: Cloudy. 1 Off, 1 EM awarded Bronze Star, 6 EM awarded Certificates of Merit. 28 Mar 5 rounds harassing fire expended. Weather: Hazy. 29 Mar Btry received two new guns in place of two turned in to ordnance. Btry organized dummy position at area nearby. Enemy artillery landed in area during the night. First train arrived in area. Weather: Cloudy. 30 Mar Weather: Clear and Warm 31 Mar Advance party left at 0600 to cross Rhine to pick btry position. Btry fired 20 rounds of interdiction fire. Weather: Cloudy & Cold. 1 Apr Norris rejoined btry. Weather: Windy.