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"Charlie Battery Diary (Con't) 2 Apr Odom to dy from Div Arty. Btry departed Asherg at 0510, arrived bivouac area across Rhine river (Buschausen 462564) at 0915, distance 55 miles. Weather: Cold & Rainy. 3 Apr Btry departed at 1700, arrived new position (Vicinity of Munster 868655) at 2100. Distance 42 miles. Weather: Unsettled 4 Apr Btry departed 1025, arrived new position (Gutersloh 423681) at 1930, distance 46 miles. Weather: Rainy & Cold. 5 Apr Btry left 0700, arrived at (Volnewdingsen 718066) at 1315. Distance 47 miles. Weather: Cloudy & Damp. 6 Apr Wojak reduced to Pvt. Saunders aptd Tec 5. Btry fired 21 rounds interdiction fire. Weather: Rainy. 7 Apr Btry departed 1510, arrived (Holzhausen 805041) at 2045. Distance 12 miles. Weather: Clear 8 Apr Btry departed 130., arrived (Buckeburg 898064) at 1440. Distance 10 miles. Weather: Clear. 9 Apr Stockton to hosp. Btry departed 1015, arrived (Gummer 222251) at 1700. Distance 33 miles. 17 prisoners were handed over to the Btry by an Armored division. Btry while at a halt on the Reich's autobahn was serenaded by leberated French prisoners of war. Btry was delayed getting into position until enemy snipers were cleared from the position. Btry fired by direct laying on Lehnde, setting several buildings on fire. The Btry "is in the front lines". No friendly elements between the btry and the enemy. Enemy approximately 1500 yards in front of btry. Weather: Fair. 10 Apr Btry departed at 1620. Arrived (Lenthe 281196) at 1740. Distance 11 miles. Btry took several prisoners of war, before and after coming into position. 67 rounds harassing fire expended. Weather: Clear. 11 Apr Btry departed 1130, arrived (Burgdord 536305) at 1545. Distance 35 miles. Several prisoners were taken. Weather: Clear & warm. 12 Ar. 10 rounds expended, registration fire. Weather: Cloudy. 13 Apr Btry prepared to move. Weather: Fair & Warmer. 14 Apr Wojak dy to Arrest in quarters, awaiting trial for being drunk & disorderly. (12 Apr 45) Btry departed 1005, arrived Hohentramm 307622) at 1800. Distance 71 miles. Weather: Fair & Warmer. 15 Apr Btry departed 0805, arrived (Howisch 614822) at 1100, distance 41 miles. Weather: Partly Cloudy & Cold. 16 Apr Btry in anti-tank position. Enemy planes strafed area during morning. Weather: Fair.