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"Charlie Battery Diary (Con't) 17 Apr Btr, departed at 1115, arrived Geest-gottberg 679914 at 1200, distance 13 miles. Btry received several more attacks by enemy planes. Weather: Partly cloudy. 18 Apr Campbell to dy Div Arty. Mariscal arrest in quarters pending investigation for being disorderly. Btry expended 108 rounds harassing & interdiction fire. Weathe : Clear 19 Apr Btry fired 34 rounds on targets of opportunity. In one mission, 4 rounds on the ire for effect were direct hits. Ftry also fired 20 rounds harassing fire. Enemy planes again strafed area. Weather: Clear. 20 Apr Btry fired 23 rounds counter-battery and harassing fire. in one mission, all rounds fired for effect were direct hits. The target, a building was completely destroyed, and commendation was received from Infantry F.O. During the morning on counter-battery fire, hit ammunition dump, big explosion resulted. 1 Ed presented bronze Star Ribbon, 1 Ed presented Air Medal. 21 Apr Btry expended 20 rounds, preparation fire and 32 rounds harassing fire. Weather: wet and slightly colder. 22 Apr Btry departed at 1115, arrived (Neindorf 512964) at 1255. Distance 22 miles. 21 rounds expended, harassing fire. Weather: Rainy. 23 Apr Miguel joined btry. Weather: Unsettled. Commanding General Div arty paid visit to btry. 24 Apr Btry fired 140 preparation fire. Weather: Clear & Cold. 25 Apr Weather: Cloudy 26 Apr Weather: Cloudy 27 Apr Bloshinski trfd to Hq btry Div Arty, eff 26 Apr. Btry departed 0845, arrived (Hindenburg 832698) at 1125. Distance 33 miles. Roads very dusty. Weather: Cloudy. 28 Apr Btry detailed to police area for American and German military equipment. Weather: Cloudy. 29 Apr Btry continued police detail. Weather: Cloudy. 30 Police detail continued. Weather: Clear & Colder. 1 May Police detail continued. xxx Capt Chrisman presented Bronze Star, 1 EM presented Bronze Star. Weather: Clear. 2 May Meisel returned to btry. Police detail continues. Weather: Cloudy & Colder. 3 May Btry departed at 1200, arrived (Gr Apenburg 345624) at 1600. Distance 64 miles. Weather: Clear & Cold. 4 May 2 EM on guard during night captured two enemy soldiers. Weather: Partly cloudy and colder.