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"Charlie Battery Diary (Con't) 5 May Lohse honorably discharged to accept commision, eff 4 May Weather: Clear and Cool. 6 May Weather: Rain 7 May Weather: Clear 8 May: Weather: Clear 9 May Boyte and Beaird Reduced to grade of Pvt. Weather: clear 10-11-12 Weather: Clear & Warm 13 May Seelye returned to btry. Weather: Clear & Warm 14-15 Weather: Clear 16 May Btry departed 0945, arrived (Bruggen 404846) at 1715, distance 92 miles. Weather: Clear & Warm. 17 May Btry departed 1000, arrived (Rheden 409864) at 1030, distance 1 1/2 miles. Weather: Clear & Warm. 18 May Sgt Thomashofsky was presented Order of the Red Star on 17 May. Weather: Partly cloudy. 19 May 20 May Weather: Clear & Cooler. 21 May Bauman & Mendez reduced to grade of Pvt. Weather: Rainy and cooler. 22-23-24 Weather: Cool and Unsettled. Lt Turpin to DS Hq Div Arty. S.S.O. 25-26 Weather: Clear and Cool 27 May Jarrett trfd to 18th Reinf Depot. Christiansen, Everidge, Florence, Hewett, Hochreiter, Meisel aptd Pfc. Weather: Unsettled. 28 May Seelye Dy to Arrest in quarters pending investigation of charges of impersonation of Officer and Fraternization. Seelye from arrest in quarters to AWOL. Weather: Clear and warmer. 29 May Seelye fr AWOL to confinement. Btry departed 1145, arrived 0hr 112862) at 1400. Distance 29 miles. Weather: Party cloudy with intermittent showers. 30 May Wojak from arrest in quarters to conf 84th Inf Div stockade 8 May 45. Part of btry attended Memorial Day Services. Weather: Cool and Unsettled. 31 May Hall trfd to 16th Reinf Depot. Wojak from conf 84th Div stockade to duty. Sports program was opened. Weather: Clear. 1 June Fry apted Tec 5. Weather: Cool and unsettled. 2 June Slevinski reduced to grade of Pvt. Weather: Clear.