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University of Virginia Office of Professor of Secondary Education

University, Virginia March 8, 1914.

Dear Mrs. Munford, I write this hurried note to say that Senator Martin feels that he has gone as far as he can with Mr. Tarmner. He has written to him and also to his partner Mr. Bauserman. Mr. Hay has also written to them. Mr. Fishburne left today for Madison where he will hold Court probably most of this week. I wired to Mr. Craddock to go to Richmond tomorrow if possible, and Dean Page wired Dr. Alderman as you suggested, but I have received no reply. Mr. Robey of this place, through his brother, who has close business relations with Senator Paxton, has been urging him to be with us. Dean Page will probably be at the Capitol tomorrow morning. Sincerely, Chas. G. Maphis