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University of Virginia Summer School Office of the Director University Virginia

November 30, 1915.

Miss Virginia McKenney, 137 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va.

My dear Miss McKenny:

I cannot do more than estimate the number of persons from outside of Virginia who do not attend the Summer School because they cannot get credit here for their work but I am quite sure that it is considerably more than one hundred.

In my correspondence last year quite a number of teachers mentioned this fact as an objection to the summer school here. I recall that one lady from Florida wrote me that there were a large number of teachers in her State who preferred to come to the University of Virginia Summer School but who went to the University of Chicago or Columbia at greater expense because this institution did not give specific credit towards a degree in the institution itself for the work of the Summer School.

When reminded that all of the principal colleges and universities in the country accept our Summer School work at its face value she still maintained that there was a great deal of difficulty in transferring credits, especially credits for a term of six weeks because in other institutions there might not be courses parallel to those offered in the Summer School here. I am convinced that it keeps several hundred teachers away each summer of the very best class of teachers.

With kind regards.

Very sincerely,

Charles G. Maphis