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University of Virginia Office of Professor of Secondary Education

University, Virginia

February 15, 1916.

Mrs. B. B? Munford, Richmond, Virginia.

My dear Mrs. Munford:

Immediately on my return to Charlottesville yesterday afternoon I went to the Chamber of Commerce and reported the situation and they agreed to send two or three men down this week to assist your committee. Dr. battle is now in Washington and will come to Richmond from there. Judge Dabney told me he would try to come down today. Mr. Gilmer will follow tomorrow and there will probably be one or two others.

I also had a conference with President Alderman and he desires to assist in any way you think he can serve. At my suggestion he requested Professor Thornton to come down and he will leave here tomorrow at noon. He would have come today but he called up Mr. Pitt and he told me he thought tomorrow would be time enough. By leaving tomorrow he avoids missing three lectures.

Mr. Whipple will come down Thursday evening and remain until Monday.

I have written letters to everybody I could think of who might influence the members of the doubtful list. If there is anything special we can do from this end, please let me know, and I repeat that Dr. Alderman is willing to do anything he can.

I am particularly anxious for Mr. Thornton to see Mr. Stephenson and Mr. Harrison. I think he out to be able to influence both of them. I presume Mr. Bowie told your the result of my talk with Mr. Russel and Mr. Chandler. There seems to be little to expect from that source.

Very sincerely,

Charles G. Maphis


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