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University of Virginia Office of Professor of Secondary Education

University, Virginia.

April 24, 1916.

Mrs. Mary C. B. Munford, Richmond, Virginia.

Dear Mrs. Munford:

I have your letter of April 21st and while I am not over optimistic, I really believe that we are going to win in 1918 though I realize that we cannot win anything without hard work.

My suggestion is that we mature our plan of campaign a little earlier and I hope that there will not be so many conflicting things at the University and that we may all go in with the single aim of "putting across" this measure.

I shall be very glad indeed to have you present the matter to the Summer School and will arrange a meeting for you anytime you desire between June 26th and July 1st. I think it will be better to have a special meeting to which all Virginia teachers are invited rather than to attempt to present it at our General Assembly Hour where the time is limited and there are a number of people from outside of the State. We usually have had such a meeting and I see no objection to it. If those opposed should ask for an assembly meeting I, of course, would grant their request in fairness, but I hardly think they will do so.

I hope to be in Richmond for a day or two within the next two weeks and will try to see you when there.

Very sincerely,

Charles G. Maphis


Dictated But Not Read