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University of Virginia Office of Professor of Secondary Education

University, Virginia. April 21, 1917.

Mrs. M. B. C. Munford:

I have had so many demands upon me since our meeting in Richmond and President Alderman has been so preoccupied with the adjustments necessary in order to introduce military training and close the University by the 31st of May and, in addition, with his annual budget which he was preparing for a meeting of the Board of Visitors held yesterday, that I have not been able to have a conference with him on the coordinate college matter.

I did go personally to see the Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and urged the importance of formulating our plans at once. I think this body is fully alive to the necessity of doing this and will cooperate heartily and fully.

I could do all of this if I could be here next week, but I shall leave here tomorrow to be gone until next Saturday night and as our meeting is on Tuesday I fear that I shall have very little time to get matter in the shape in which we would like to have them. However, I will do the best I can.

Very sincerely,


Charles G. Maphis