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University of Virginia Office of Professor of Secondary Education

University, Virginia. May 10, 1917.

Miss Virginia S. McKenney, 137 S. Sycamore St., Petersburg, Va.

My Miss McKenney:

Since you were here I have had a conference with the executive committee of the Chamber of Commerce and at my suggestion they appointed a subcommittee to confer with President Alderman in regard to making plans for a campaign for the woman's college.

President Alderman expresses himself as heartily in favor of the college and of waging a vigorous campaign and agreed to appoint a committee consisting of myself, Dean Thornton, and one other to cooperate with a similar committee from the Chamber of Commerce.

He said he did not think it necessary to bring the matter again before the Board of Visitors.

As soon as we can get a joint meeting of the committee from the University and the Chamber of Commerce we will outline a tentative plan of campaign and then bring it before President Alderman for his approval.

I am convinced that we cannot look to Mr. Michie for much constructive leadership. He is at heart opposed, I believe, to the woman's college and is a close friend of Dr. Dabney's and a frequent visitor at his home, so that to a certain extent is under his influence in the matter.

I believe that Dr. Alderman will stand by the agreement as to location made in Washington. I think the best plan would be to get Dr. Alderman definitely committed if possible and depend upon him to bring Mr. Michie in if it is necessary.

Very sincerely,

Charles G. Maphis

Dictated But Not Read.